Cleaning and maintenance will help your carpets last longer. Don’t know a thing about both, though? No worries. Read on and follow our lead.

Vacuum it once a week

Carpets need to be vacuumed once a week, the How Stuff Works says. However, if your carpet is in an area with high foot traffic, then you’ll want to vacuum it more than once a week. That’s going to help prolong the life of your carpet.

Mop up spills

Don’t let spills dry out. Wipe it out of the carpet as soon as it happens. That’s going to prevent the substance from seeping into your carpet fibers, which makes it much harder to get it out. If you wait out too long to mop up those spills, you could end up with stubborn stains so get them out as quickly as possible.

Test for colorfastness

Cleaning solutions can do a lot to help keep your carpet in tip-top shape. But before you use one to mop up those spills, test for colorfastness. Moisten a towel with the cleaning solution and rub it into a corner of the carpet. If the towel picks up some of the colors, then you’ll want to use something else.

Call pros

Look for carpet cleaning services in Edmond OK. With pros to handle the work, you won’t have to worry about making mistakes. Look for pros that offer deep steam cleaning services. Some also deodorize the carpet to get rid of foul smells caused by the buildup of bacteria in the fibers.


Pick the right carpet cleaning firm in Edmond OK. Do your homework and check out cleaning companies in your area. Once you have a list, carefully read through the contract before you sign up with a company. That’s the smart way to pick cleaning team for your carpets.