5 Ideas to Get Ready Before the Cleaning Crew Arrives

by | Jun 25, 2024 | House Cleaning Service

Hiring a cleaning service makes your life a million times easier. Catch up on your deadlines. Take your dog for a walk. Meet friends. You can do more with your time by letting cleaning experts care for your home. But before they arrive at the door, here are a few things to prepare for that first-time visit.

Prepare a List

Once you hire a crew for expert house cleaning in Newtown, PA, you’ll want to list rooms or sections of the home they should focus on first. Consider high-traffic areas, along with the kitchen and bathrooms.

Clear Out the Clutter

Let the cleaning crew start as soon as they get there. Check if your entryways and exits are clear of any clutter. If there are toys, bikes, bags, and everything else that obstructs their path, put them aside.

Prepare Answers

Expect a professional team for expert house cleaning in Newtown, PA, to ask questions about your preferences. Your answers will serve as a guide to them, so be thorough. You can also prepare the answers beforehand and print them out. Put it somewhere visible to the crew so they can refer to the answers whenever necessary.

Talk About Scope

One of the things that your list should cover is the scope. How much cleaning should the team do? Do you want them to perform light-cleaning tasks, medium-cleaning tasks, or heavy-cleaning tasks? They’ll let you know what’s possible, considering the size of your home and the hours you booked the service.

Know What to Expect

Don’t expect the cleaners to handle the windows, too. That requires specialized cleaning tools, supplies, and expertise. Cleaning carpets, lifting heavy furniture, and moving appliances are only a few of the tasks not included in their cleaning services. You can better prepare for these sessions when you know what to expect and what you can request from the crew. To know more, visit American Dream Cleaning Service.

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