Need a new primary doctor in El Cajon? If they’re not concerned about your health, it’s time. Your health deserves to be handled by a qualified physician. If you aren’t sure, here are a few signs to look for to let your doctor go.

You Don’t See Eye to Eye

Your doctor might not agree with everything but that doesn’t mean there should be conflict. Depending on what you’re looking for in a doctor, there could be personality clashes.

They Have a Rude Personality

You might want a doctor that’s empathetic and takes the time to listen. Instead, you have a doctor that writes off prescriptions and gets you in and out of the office, or perhaps your doctor orders you around. If your doctor is failing to meet your needs, this is something to consider.

Information is Kept from You

Nothing should be in the dark about your case. It’s your health at the end of the day. If your doctor is keeping his notes, test results and case information from you, this is a very serious concern that needs to be addressed.

It Takes Forever to Be Seen

You want a time-efficient physician. If you spend most of your appointment waiting in the office before you see your doctor, this suggests a lack of respect to the patient. Timeliness is crucial.

You Can Never Contact Them

Do you call your doctor’s office but no one picks up? Does your doctor avoid speaking to you? If you’re hunting your doctor down, communication is a problem, and it is time to leave them.

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