If a home’s garage door is leaning, squeaking or shaking, it may be time for a replacement. A garage door isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition, though, and homeowners should think about their wants and needs before making a decision. The garage door is one of the home’s most visible parts, and most remain in place for years. Below are several things for homeowners to consider during door replacement and Garage Door Opener Installation in Beckley WV.


Home security is a primary consideration for most customers. Some doors have openers with rolling-code capability. This feature changes the security code every time the remote is used, and it adds an extra layer of protection.


If the garage is highly trafficked or if there are pets and children in the home, it’s a good idea to choose a door with light sensors. If a sensor detects a person or object in the door’s path as it closes, the door’s travel will be reversed or stopped.

Composition and Construction

Garage doors are available in fiberglass, vinyl, steel, aluminum and wood. Those who are focused on visual appeal often choose wood, which is the least durable of all options. Fiberglass provides additional durability, but it’s prone to cracking in cold weather. Steel is a popular, inexpensive choice for its sturdiness and security.


Today’s garage doors come in a roll-up, tilt-up and sectional styles. Roll-ups are the most expensive and high-maintenance option, and sectional doors take up more space than other choices while requiring frequent upkeep. Ask Garage Door Operators Inc which option is best for the home and the budget. Customers should pay attention to the door motor’s horsepower rating during Garage Door Opener Installation in Beckley WV; if they’re installing a heavy door, the motor should be larger as well.


Most homeowners want a garage door that complements the home’s style. Today’s doors come with windows, or as solid panels. There are many styles and finishes available, and homeowners should take time with the selection process. After all, the garage door will be the first part of the home they see every time they return.