5 Types Of Funeral Ceremony in Trenton MI

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Funeral Services

When most people think of a funeral ceremony, they imagine a traditional wake and funeral in a church or funeral home. In truth, funeral services are varied, and each part of the process can be customized. Here are the five most popular types of Funeral Ceremony in Trenton MI.

1.) A Wake Or Viewing

A wake, or viewing, allows friends and family of the deceased the final opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one. It is a more casual event that forgoes speakers or group prayers. Typically, this type of service takes place after the body has been cleaned, embalmed, and dressed. If it’s a closed casket ceremony, it’s referred to as a visitation rather than a viewing.

2.) A Traditional Funeral Service

Funeral services are usually held at a funeral home or church. This ceremony involves speakers, prayers, or readings from a religious text. There is a body present at this ceremony. However, the casket closed. This funeral service gives friends and family the chance to speak about their loved one. The details of this ceremony vary depending on religious or cultural background.

3.) A Memorial Ceremony

While very similar to funeral services, memorial services don’t have a body present. Friends and family speak about their lost loved one and bring pictures, videos, or other keepsakes to display. The absence of a body allows a memorial service to take place at any time after death.

4.) A Graveside Service

A graveside service, or committal service, takes place immediately after a funeral procession. Select attendees leave the funeral service and drive to where the casket will be buried. After arriving, either an officiant or clergy member gives a thoughtful reading. When finished, family and friends have another opportunity to mourn before the pallbearers lower the casked into the ground.

5.) A Funeral Reception

A funeral reception takes place after the ceremony. It’s an opportunity for friends and family of the deceased to spend time together. Typically, these ceremonies have a catering service, or family and friends provide food and drinks.

Choose A Ceremony

A Funeral Ceremony in Trenton MI can be as unique as the lost loved one. When choosing which ceremony is best, it’s good practice to visit online each funeral home to find out what services they offer. Use this guide to help plan the best ceremony for the deceased and their family and friends.

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