Bringing your dog to a vet clinic in Frederick can be an exercise in frustration. Here’s how to make it easier on you and your pet.

Make it fun

Dogs are smart. If you often get them into the car before you drive to the clinic, they’ll know something is up the next time you say “jump in.” Keep that from happening by bringing them to a fun place first. Make it fun. That’s going to throw them off the scent, Bark Post says.

Pick the right vet

Dogs are often anxious about going to the vet because of shots. But finding a vet that they connect with can ease most of the worries and anxieties of your pet. Make that happen. Do your homework and find a pro who’s great at connecting with pets. Keep that in mind when you pick a vet clinic in Frederick.

Make regular visits

Regular visits to the vet can help your dog get used to them. Bring him along, even when you’re just there to say hi to the staff or to give him a treat. That way, he won’t associate the vet’s clinic with all things terrifying and scary.

Bring treats

If you do need to bring him in for a shot, then bring an added incentive or two. Give him treats after the trip to the vet. That’s going to make it worth his while and can help ease his feelings about being scared or anxious.

Practice at home

Get your dog used to the feeling of someone touching his feet, ears, tail and more. That’s good practice and will help keep him calm when he’s at the vet.

Do your homework

Choose a clinic with an excellent reputation for providing pet care. For consultations and treatments, visit Holistic Veterinary Healing for more details. You can pay a visit to Facebook for latest news and updates!