Keep your home warm and toasty. With heating bills making up for a huge portion of household energy consumption, finding ways to cut energy bills is a welcome bit of news.

Use curtains

Let the sunlight in during the day. When the skies turn dark, close them. That should help keep a bit of the warmth in for free, The Conversation says.

Replace your windows

Don’t let warm air leak out. Fix any damaged or broken windows you have. Go for energy-efficient for more cost-savings.

Use a timer

Don’t leave your heating system all day. That’s going to shoot your bills sky-high even if it’s on low. Use a programmable thermostat to turn your unit on 30 minutes before you get to your door. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, now’s the best time to shop for an upgrade.

Check for damage

Routine inspections help your unit last. Hire local experts. Look for Irvine-based heating repair service pros to check your HVAC system. Paying for minor upkeep now can save you from a major repair catastrophe later. Companies with excellent track records and seasoned technicians like Home Comfort USA should make the top of your list.

Go for an upgrade

If your heating system is more than a few years old, don’t wait for it to kick the bucket. Newer models offer better heating performance. If your old unit can’t seem to warm up your home properly anymore, it may be time to shop for an upgrade.

Call now

Paying for routine maintenance checks helps keep an eye on the health of your HVAC. But if you see signs of trouble, don’t wait for the technician’s next visit. Call for help as soon as possible. Get on the phone and book heating repair service pros in Irvine on the spot.