Bail reform advocates believe there is a great disconnect between what the U.S. Constitution says about presumed innocence and the number of people in jail who haven’t been convicted of a crime. A high percentage of jail inmates throughout the nation are only there because they can’t afford bail. A 24 hour bail bondsman in Norwalk CT helps by providing a surety bond to the court in exchange for a service fee from the customer.

Figuring out a Solution

A person in jail is allowed to call for assistance from friends or family. When the friend or relative gets that phone call, panic is likely to set in. This man or woman cannot imagine at first how to come up with the bail amount, which often is far out of reach for people who don’t earn much money. When they start looking for solutions, they are relieved to find a 24 hour bail bondsman in Norwalk CT.

Finding and Hiring an Attorney

A defendant who has been released from jail is more effective at working on his or her defense. Finding and hiring a criminal defense attorney is very difficult when someone is behind bars. This person usually has to rely on loved ones to do this.

Retaining the Job and Home

Of course, there also are substantial advantages that come with a release in the realm of retaining one’s job and home. Sometimes a marriage falls apart when a defendant has to stay in jail for months waiting for trial. A parent who is already divorced can quickly lose custody of children under these circumstances.

The Inequality of Bail

Bail is usually set automatically according to a schedule. More serious criminal offenses have bail set by a judge. These amounts do not address the defendant’s financial situation one iota. A bail amount of $6,000 on an automatic schedule is the same for someone earning $18,000 per year and someone earning $58,000 per year. The inequality of the bail system has many people upset, but for now, most jurisdictions are holding to this historical process. Anyone who needs help with release from jail may visit Aces Bail Bonds online to get started.