Conveyor belts form the link between different processes during the manufacturing process. These belts are usually powered by automatic machines and are designed according to the specifications of the customer. Conveyor belt fabrication in St. Louis, MO is offered by a number of different companies throughout the city, so you have to first compare your options accordingly. Here is a basic guide for conveyor belt fabrication.


The first thing you need to do is take measurements in the factory where the conveyor belt will be installed. One of the best companies that offers a wide range of services is Midwest Industrial Concepts. Apart from selling material handling equipment, they also offer fabrication services for different kinds of conveyor belts. They can send a team to your place to take measurements and determine the size of the conveyor belts.

Installing the Conveyor Belt

Once the conveyor belt measurements have been taken, the company will then fix the system in place for the conveyor belt. This is also a part of the conveyor belt fabrication process. Payment milestones will have to be set accordingly with the company to make sure that the job is done on time. Usually, the conveyor belt installation will be done within a few days at most depending upon the style and the size of the belt. Ideally, you should request quotes from various companies to figure out the most affordable option. It’s recommended that you take your time to evaluate multiple choices before making a decision. You will need to give an advance first, before the fabrication process for the belts will begin, so make sure you decide accordingly. You can also connect them on Facebook.