A Carlsbad pediatrician should be your partner in care for your child. The goal with your health care provider should be to forge open communication and a strong relationship with a common goal. Your pediatrician should make you feel completely comfortable and competent by encouraging you to ask questions and be involved with the care plan for your child.

The Goals

The best pediatric care happens when you and your pediatrician is on the same page and have the clear goal of ensuring that your child’s good health is a prominent feature. Discussing goals with your pediatrician should be a part of your visit. If you have concerns or questions they should be addressed at the appointment to ensure that you are confident in working toward the goals that you and your pediatrician have in mind for your child.

Well Check Ups

With your pediatric care partner you will be able to visit for well checkups which are so important. At well child checkups the pediatric care provider will:

  • Check your child for proper growth
  • Make note of any concerns
  • Do any necessary diagnostic testing
  • Address your concerns and share information with you

Wellness checkups are one of the most important preventive care steps you can take for your child. You and your pediatric care partner will be able to chart the growth of your child and any concerns can be discussed. If there is a need for any types of diagnostic testing it can be discussed at this type of appointment. Well checkups can give your care provider critical information about how your child is developing.

Your pediatrician can be your partner in providing the best care for your child. Children’s Primary Care Medical Group can be your partner!