Asphalt surfaces are known to be extremely durable, but that doesn’t always mean that they won’t ever become damaged. Asphalt is made to handle a great deal of use as well as weathering harsh environments such as excessive heat, rainfall, snow, ice and sometimes, brutally cold temperatures. Over time, the use that an asphalt surface gets as well as the elements it is subjected to can take their toll. In these situations, especially as it relates to commercial asphalt, repairs performed by a Commercial Asphalt Service in Fort Worth TX may be required.

Extensive Damage

The scope of the damage done to an asphalt surface can vary from something rather minimal to something rather significant. If an asphalt surface has been neglected or ignored for a great deal of time, the repairs that may be needed can be significant. In some cases, the surface may be beyond repair and the only viable option is to remove the old asphalt surface and replace them with the new asphalt materials.

Minor Repairs

For smaller issues, simple repairs made to a chipped asphalt surface can take care of any localized problem areas. Asphalt that has undergone a great deal of surface cracking can be repaired by filling in the cracks. This can be a time-consuming job if there are multiple cracks in the asphalt surface. However, it can be helpful in protecting the surface from water and other elements such as huge swings in temperature that would allow the asphalt to continue expanding and contracting causing further damage. In addition, protective sealants can be placed over an old asphalt surface to rejuvenate the asphalt itself and to give it a fresh look. This can be done in concert with crack filling as necessary.

If an asphalt surface has been ignored, especially when a business purchases an abandoned facility, repairing the asphalt may be difficult if not impossible to do. However, for small problems that can pop up from time to time with asphalt surfaces, a commercial asphalt service in Fort Worth TX can easily make these repairs. Whether it’s a major issue or something minor, if there are any issues at all with existing asphalt surfaces within a business facility, you may want to check out in order to have the situation assessed and have the repairs made. You can also connect them on Facebook.