A good night’s sleep is a necessary requirement for good health. For the 18 million Americans that suffer from sleep apnea, getting a good sleep not only restores their body and mind, but it may very well save their life as well. Sleep apnea can be life threatening as a sufferer can stop breathing for ten seconds or more.

The first indicator of sleep apnea is snoring although not all symptoms are so obvious. A sleep apnea dentist in Macon, GA, by conversing with a patient, can detect symptoms which are less obvious. A dentist is liable to suspect sleep apnea to be a problem if a patient finds they are lethargic, have little energy, morning headaches or wake with a dry mouth.

Dentists are often the first to know:

There is a tendency for people to see their dentist every six months or so, this is often not the case with their medical doctor. Because people see their dentists more often, the dentist is often the professional that notices the possibility of the disorder first. If the dentist is of the opinion the patient is suffering from sleep apnea, he or she will arrange for the individual to see a specialist. If it is confirmed, the Sleep Apnea Dentist In Macon, GA will undertake any one o a number of treatment options.

Treatment options:

Sleep apnea can vary from minor to severe; the options that are available depend on the severity of the problem. Someone with mild sleep apnea may be able to control it by changing their sleeping position or stop smoking or lose weight. The dentist will provide an appliance that looks somewhat like a sports mouthguard; the appliance design is such that the position of the jaw and tongue are changed which improves the flow of air while breathing.

For those with a serious problem, they may have to use a CPAP system which delivers air through a mask and, through the maintenance of positive pressure, keeps the airway open.

A sleep apnea dentist in Macon, GA can provide appliances that improve the flow of air from those suffering this sleep disorder. You are invited to discuss the issues with Providence Dental Spa.