Many types of criminal behavior are categorized under the broad umbrella of fraud. Some people accused of this behavior are guilty of the crime, whereas others are innocent of the allegations. In either case, a fraud defense attorney in Santa Clarita, CA represents clients who have been arrested and charged with one of these offenses.

Bank Account Fraud

Bank account fraud is one form of this crime. The person who drains money from someone else’s account will likely also be charged with theft. Stealing checks from a checking account and pretending to be that person is an example. So is stealing a debit card number and using it.

Pyramid Schemes

A pyramid scheme may qualify as a fraud in a legal sense if no product or service is delivered. Many multi-marketing businesses are technically pyramid schemes simply because the people at the top of the pyramid stand to make a lot of money, while those toward the bottom typically earn virtually nothing after investing savings and effort. That does not qualify as fraud, however. A fraud defense attorney in Santa Clarita, CA represents clients when law enforcement finds probable cause that they have devised and promoted a true pyramid scheme without any value provided for investors.


Phishing on the Internet is another type of fraud. Most commonly, the criminals send emails that are designed to look just like official ones from sites like pay services or bank accounts. They ask the recipient to click a link and log in, but the site is only an imitation of the real one. When the person does so, the sender of the email now has the log-in information.

The Severity of Fraud

Although crimes involving fraud are not violent, the victims tend to feel personally violated and may always be suspicious afterwards. The crime can cost them a great deal of money and inconvenience, and sometimes, remarkable hardship. Since prosecutors and judges are inclined to treat people charged with fraud with little to no sympathy, the person accused of the offense needs aggressive legal defense by an organization such as the Business Name. Browse our website to learn more about this particular organization.