While gold and silver may be the more traditional options in candles and decorative accent colors on birthday cakes, a very modern twist and one that is popular at N.Y Cake for teens and adults is the use of black glitter.

A black glitter candle has a unique look. The glitter prevents it from being sober or overwhelming, and with the ability to pick up the light and color from decorative elements on the cake and the table, it provides a dramatic look.

Decorating Ideas

A natural choice for a birthday that falls on or around the Halloween season, a black glitter candle can be used in conjunction with orange fondant or icing to create a wonderful look. Whimsical sprinkles in the Halloween theme of ghosts or pumpkins can be added around the base of the candle or used in specific design elements on the cake.

For a classic look, consider a black and white design for a birthday cake for any time of the year. With the use of black glitter candle numbers to indicate the individual’s age and a white base for the fondant or icing, there is a very modern yet sophisticated look.

Adding black design elements to the cake provides a range of possibilities. A checkerboard look, horizontal and vertical patterns in black and even a black floral design can be striking.

Of course, gold is also a good combination of black and white. Gold glitter or a mixture of gold and black edible glitter gives a bit of dazzle, which edible gold leaf or a gold drizzle on the top of the cake is dramatic.

Deep ruby red is another top color combination with black and white. This is a wonderful look for a winter birthday and allows you to incorporate real or icing roses in the design for a dramatic presentation.

For more inspiration for black and white cake designs, look at the black glitter candle options offered at N.Y Cake. Full details on all glitter candles available can be found .