One of the best gifts a parent can give to their child is proper medical and dental care. Children should be seen by a dentist around one year of age. Normally by this time, some of their teeth have erupted and a dentist can examine the teeth for any signs of decay or abnormalities. Children should stop drinking a bottle because they can easily develop decay on their new teeth. As a child grows, early intervention with problems of teeth entering the mouth problem or alignment can be addressed. This could save the need for braces or extensive dental work in the future.

Spacing in the mouth can become a problem when a child doesn’t have enough room for the adult teeth to enter their mouth. A pediatric dentist in Chino Hills can detect this problem early and correct it. Baby teeth can become stubborn about coming out when the adult teeth begin to appear. This can cause an abscess between the two teeth that can be painful for a child. A dentist can easily remove the baby tooth and check the alignment and spacing of the adult tooth entering the oral area.

Another problem for children and adults is amalgam fillings. These fillings can create a shadow in a tooth and give the appearance of decay. Composite fillings are now available to replace decay and will match the color of the natural tooth. A child and an adult no longer have to feel self-conscious about their smile or when they laugh due to these dark and silver fillings. When a tooth cannot be filled, a crown may be recommended. In the past, a crown would take at least a week to be completed before it could be inserted on the tooth. Dentist offices today have the equipment available in their office to complete a crown the same day.

If you’re concerned about your smile or the pain associated with dental work, visit Kids Dental Specialists. They offer sedation dentistry which can limit the fear and anxiety many people have when visiting the dentist. They can align someone’s teeth for the picture-perfect smile and offer teeth whitening in the office in an hour or less.