If you’re kitchen remodeling in Park Ridge Illinois is about to begin, you’ve already survived the processes of gathering ideas, developing a budget, securing financing and nailing down a contractor. Your grand vision has become a firm plan, and now all you have to do is watch the workmen work. Sound easy? Hopefully, but with these survival tips you’re remodeling experience will be a piece of cake.

Create a mini-kitchen

During the messy part of the remodel, move a few essential cooking items to the laundry room and set up a mini-kitchen. The microwave and coffee maker are two items most people can’t live without. Pick up an inexpensive hot plate at a discount store and bring a saucepot for fixing basics like pasta and rice. An electric skillet is indispensable too. If you have a basin and counter top there, you’ll be in great shape. Tuck your non-perishable food items into a laundry room cupboard to reduce clutter yet still be handy. Consider moving your refrigerator to the garage if possible.

Eat out or order in

Okay, it seems obvious, but eating some of your meals out or having meals delivered from your favorite take-out joints is a justifiable expense. Take a look at your food budget and make adjustments to accommodate ready-to-eat meals. The luxury of eating a hot, well-made meal without any work on your part is worth the splurge.

Invite friends over for a potluck

It may seem like a strange time to be entertaining, but good friends will want to observe the kitchen remodeling in Park Ridge, Illinois. Now is your chance to show them your dream-in-progress. Invite them over for a meal, and ask them to bring a portion of it. Keep it simple, so everyone can relax and enjoy.

Crash with relatives

This idea may be a good one or a terrible one, depending on your relatives, but if you all get along then go for it. Chances are, your parents would love the chance to pamper you, your siblings will probably tolerate you for a day or two, and if you’re lucky enough to have grandparents close by they would be enthralled to have you stay with them. You can always return the favor someday, right?

Kitchen remodeling in Park Ridge, Illinois should be one of the highlights of owning your home. When everything comes together as planned and your dreams have come true, you’ll know that you were following the right recipe. Be sure to document your kitchen remodeling in Park Ridge, Illinois so that you can share your survival tips with your friends.