Sure, everyone knows that you go to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned, get cavities filled, and to be reminded to floss by a friendly dental hygienist. These days, however, people are visiting dentists more and more often not only to maintain their dental health, but to improve how their smile looks as well. Even though everyone knows the things about their teeth that they feel could be improved, a visit with a professional can help patients figure out the best course of action to take to get the perfect smile for their mouth. This type of consultation is called “smile analysis.”

A smile analysis is a one-on-one consultation between the patient and the dentist where the dentist uses their professional knowledge to help patients articulate what they wish was different about their smile, and how to make these changes.

When assessing teeth during a smile analysis, you and your dentist will go over what parts of your smile you like as well as any issues that make you embarrassed or uncomfortable when smiling or laughing. This cooperative process allows people to hear from a professional what treatments would produce the patient’s desired look.
You and your dentist will cover a variety of common complaints that people have about their teeth and the reasons that they hesitate to smile.

The smile analysis will cover several topics, including the color of your teeth. Sometimes discoloration of the teeth makes people uncomfortable and they would like to know what treatments could help return the teeth to their natural color, while others might just wish they had a brighter and whiter smile.

Another issue that smile analysis can address is the size of the teeth. The size of teeth plays an important role in how attractive a smile is, and there are now many ways that teeth can be made larger or smaller to better suit the patient’s overall facial structure. A professional opinion is particularly useful here, since dentists can help you envision what a difference this kind of alternation can make to one’s smile.

During a smile analysis you’ll also get a professional opinion on the health and appearance of your gums, as well as the surface of your teeth. Since tooth and gum health is often indicative of overall health, dentists can help you sort out which issues are cosmetic, and which ones might benefit from dental work that will help with both the health and appearance of your teeth and gums.

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