A house will have many features that make it stand out and give it a distinctive appearance of its own. One of the most important of these features is the windows. Windows allow natural light to come into a house, while also keeping out undesirable things such as insects, heat, rain, snow, dust and more. They lend an attractive appearance to rooms, by giving them good light and a view of what is outside. Washing windows is a good thing to do in order to keep them clean and sparkling. However, the majority of homeowners are unable, for various reasons, to keep their windows as clean as they would wish, which is why they will hire a window washing business to do whatever cleaning is necessary. One of the most important things that sets exceptional window cleaning businesses apart from the rest is that they properly follow up with their customers.

What Is Customer Follow-up?

Many window washing companies, after providing service to a client, will keep in touch with that client. The company finds out what they thought of the service they received and if there is anything they didn’t like or wished was different. Later follow-up calls will check up on the client’s windows and ask them if they are ready to have the company come back out and wash their windows again. Keeping in touch with clients is something that will be very important for your window washing business, however, there is a fine line between bombarding them with emails and phone calls and knowing exactly how often you should contact them.

How Follow-Up Makes Your Window Washing Business Successful

One of the biggest reasons why clients never use a window washing company more than once is because they do not have an open line of communication with the company. It is too easy for a former client to decide to turn to a different business the next time they need their windows to be cleaned. By following up on former clients periodically, you will keep them remembering the excellent service you gave them. By asking them about the condition of their windows and whether they would like to have them cleaned again soon, you can maintain your client base and even increase it. It is important to remember to be respectful, polite and flexible with your customers, so they will know you are a professional company who can be relied upon and who cares about them and their needs.