If you are considering having your garage floor redone, you should consider an epoxy coating. A garage that has an epoxy coating not only looks great, but is very durable and long lasting. Whether you park your car in the garage or use the space as a workshop, an epoxy finish keeps your flooring protected against spills, and makes for easy clean-up. Using your garage as a workshop can cause it to become incredibly messy, depending on what exactly you are doing or building. Mats help to keep floors from becoming damaged, but they cannot prevent all damage. With an epoxy finish, you do not need to worry about dropping a tool and the floor chipping, or spilling something and making an ugly stain on the floor.  Epoxy flooring in South Florida is sustainable, and will extend the life of your garage floor.

What is involved in Applying an Epoxy Coating?

A knowledgeable epoxy flooring company knows that proper floor preparation goes a long way. Before an epoxy coating is put down, the company may need to do several things that include but are not limited to grinding, acid etching, and shot blasting to prepare the concrete floor. It is very important that the preparations be done correctly. This is why it is not suggested that you try to do this job yourself. If preparations are not done correctly, the epoxy coating will not adhere to the concrete properly. A primer is usually used first, which binds the epoxy to the concrete flooring. Some primers also act as a barrier against moisture. After these steps have been taken, the base coat or color is applied. This is also the time when the chips for whichever finishing look you decide to go with are added. Chips are usually granite, quartz, or terrazzo. After this is done, one last finishing clear coat is applied. This will give the flooring the glossy, pristine look that you want it to have.

Cleaning Your Epoxy Coated Floor

When you are ready to clean your epoxy coated floor, you should first use a soft broom or electric leaf blower to ensure you get all dirt and dust off the surface. You can then use a pressure washer to clean the floor, moving any leftover dirt right out of the garage. To clean up the water, use a squeegee to ensure you get all the water off of the garage floor. You can then fill a bucket with hot water and mop your floor. After this, add a pH Neutral cleaner and mop the floor again.