While police officers generally hold themselves to the highest standards of accountability, they are only human, and mistakes occur. These errors sometimes result in inaccurate information being written on a traffic citation. In this guide, readers can learn the truths behind some of the most common misconceptions surrounding traffic ticket errors.

All Documentation Mistakes are the Same

Many people think any error can result in a dismissed ticket, but that simply isn’t the case, as some mistakes carry more weight than others. For instance, if the officer puts information in the wrong part of the form, it’s merely a clerical error rather than a recounting error. Some of the most common mistakes include:

* Incorrect driver’s license information
* Inaccurate vehicle information
* Documentation of the wrong violation

If a driver receives a ticket with mistakes in the violation’s details, they can consult a traffic lawyer in Orange VA for a citation review.

Ticket Mistakes Result in Automatic Dismissal

Though some errors can result in a summary dismissal, none are a sure thing. Even when a driver receives a citation with errors, they must attend the court date. If drivers fail to respond to citations, it can result in heightened consequences such as hefty fines and arrest warrants. Therefore, a driver should always appear in court to tell his or her side of the story.

Out-of-State Tickets Aren’t Important

This carried a grain of truth in years gone by, but technology has erased the advantage. Information is now shared digitally, and tickets from other states are just as problematic as those received in Virginia. In most cases, tickets are forwarded to a driver’s home address and appear on his or her driving record. While some states don’t participate in digital information sharing, all track suspensions and revocations.

Tickets are Dismissed if the Officer Does Not Appear in Court

It is commonly believed that tickets are summarily dismissed if the officer does not appear in court, but this is not always applicable. While courts recognize a driver’s right to face his or her accuser, an officer’s failure to appear doesn’t always let a driver off the hook. In some instances, a judge may simply reschedule a hearing rather than dismiss the ticket. It is always wise to consult a Traffic Lawyer in Orange VA to learn about options for contesting a traffic citation. Visit us to schedule a free consultation today.