Accounts Payable Recovery Puts Money Back in Your Business

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Accounting

Accounts payable recovery can get your money back. Many businesses are not even aware that they are forking over cash that they do not need to. They are not aware that there are discounts that should have been applied, rebates that they could have taken credits not applied and other savings. There is a way to get your money back!

Where is the Money Going?

Like most business owners and managers, you probably wonder where does all the money go and how you can cut back on supplier and vendor costs. Also, like many managers and owners, you are not aware of the over payments that you are making. It sounds counterintuitive to pay more than vendors and suppliers are asking for, yet it happens consistently across a wide range of industries. Money is being overpaid through:

  • Invoice credits
  • Incentives
  • Discounts ‘
  • Rebates
  • And more

The money is literally being handed over to suppliers and vendors. They are not asking for it, as a matter of fact, they are trying to help you save, but the savings is being overlooked. What do you do to get your money back?

Accounts Payable Recovery

The fact is you can get your money back. Overpayments, missed discounts, rebates and more can be recovered after the fact if you have the right help. Belmero is the right help. Instead of waiting months to recoup your losses, with Belmero you can recoup your money in days. The best part? It is all done for you! You do not have to spend long hours searching through old invoices and records. You do not have to negotiate with vendors and suppliers and you do not have to wait! It is your money, you could be doing better things with it. Get the help you need to recover your money!

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