When you place yourself in the hands of your dentist, you trust that you are with an expert in the field who knows the best way to approach any dental issues you may have. Your dentist should be using the latest in technology, such as the iTero digital scanner North Hollywood. It captures a much more precise view of your teeth, providing your dentist with a digital picture in 3D. When your dentist has a clear view from all angles of what is going on inside your mouth, it will be possible to create the right treatment plan for you.

Going Digital Means Having Improved Accuracy In the past, your dentist and orthodontist had to use x-rays and molds to clearly assess your teeth. With the latest version of the iTero digital scanner North Hollywood, your dentist will have a clear digital image available for viewing within minutes of your scan. You will see a 3D view of what is happening inside your mouth. Your dentist will use this information to implement treatment. It is highly beneficial when it comes to creating implants, crowns, and bridges that are customized to fit your mouth. If you are a candidate for Invisalign aligners, your orthodontist can use the iTero scanner in order to create your clear aligners throughout your entire journey of orthodontic treatment.

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