Lower back pain can make routine tasks more difficult. Bending, walking, lifting, and sitting can be painful or even impossible. This makes it harder to handle your daily routine that might include driving, typing, housework and other duties. If your back pain gets worse, it can even prevent you from relaxing and sleeping. A chiropractor can help you relieve this back pain and slowly return to your normal lifestyle. Discover the advantages of Spinal Exercise Therapy in Lexington KY, and what it can do for you.


Back pain can make you feel stiff all the time. Instead of moving freely, everything takes an effort. Examples include sitting down, standing up, and reaching for something you need. Spinal Exercise Therapy, can help you become more flexible over time. If you exercise regularly and consult with a chiropractor about your progress, your flexibility and range of motion with start to improve. It is essential to perform the exercises properly and increase your repetitions to build on your workout. With some effort, you can relieve the pain and be able to move around again.

Core Strength

Certain exercise are designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles. These large muscles support your spine. When you work your core, it provides improved support for your back. This can improve your posture and reduce the pain you feel in your lower back. Exercises such as hip rolls and partial sit-ups are often recommended by chiropractors. There are several exercises you can do that improve your core strength and, ultimately, minimize back pain.

Get Stronger

Exercising your abdominal muscles, spine, and neck can help you get stronger. If you were in an accident or have a back problem, it can start to make you feel immobile. You may not be able to lift heavy objects or perform tasks that were once easy for you to do. Spinal exercise therapy helps you get stronger. The key is to keep doing it to build your muscles and confidence.

Don’t live with back pain longer than you have to. Consult with Elswick Chiropractic and Associates to find out more about how chiropractics and exercise can make you feel better.