There’s almost no feeling worse than waking up to a stolen vehicle. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stolen each year in the US, costing insurers and consumers billions of dollars. Thankfully, there are a few ways to prevent theft, starting with those below.

Shut Off the Engine

Although it’s common for people to leave their cars running while they’re in the driveway or in front of a convenience store, that’s not always the best idea. A running, unoccupied vehicle is a quick target for an opportunistic thief. To prevent these crimes of opportunity and lessen the need for auto body repair in Johnson County, turn off the engine when exiting the vehicle.

Choose the Right Parking Spot

Criminals often work in the shadows. When parking, avoid isolated, dimly lit areas. This not only deters auto thieves, but it will also allow witnesses and surveillance footage to identify a perpetrator if a car is stolen.

Take Valuables Indoors

Leaving valuables in sight attracts auto thieves and smash-and-grab vandals. If an auto thief sees a wallet, a purse, or a laptop on the front seat, they may decide to take the entire car just to make the crime worthwhile. Prevent losses by taking valuables indoors at night.

Practice Situational Awareness

When out and about, be sure to scan the surrounding area for suspicious activity. By doing so, drivers will heighten their senses and remember which precautions to take, especially in unfamiliar areas.

Consider Installing an Alarm

If the area has a high crime rate or a car is a popular target for thieves, an owner should invest in an alarm system. This security layer will deter most criminals, and most of today’s alarms can be linked to mobile apps that warn owners of auto tampering. Alternatively, a steering wheel lock can be useful.

Call for Collision Repairs Today

When a vehicle is damaged in an accident or by a car thief, it’s important to call for auto body repair in Johnson County as soon as possible. By following these tips and calling for repairs when necessary, drivers can lessen the chances and minimize the effects of auto theft. Contact us for more details or call today to schedule service.