When it comes to getting information about commercial refrigeration, Binghamton, NY has reputable companies to meet your business needs. One of the most commonly asked questions customers have when they purchase new freezing units is related to the warranty. There is a standard one-year warranty on all new equipment and a two-month warranty on previously owned and refurbished equipment for the essential components, such as the compressor and the motor. There is a 4-year warranty on the compressor in new units. The recent refrigerants being used on the market are also suitable for most of the older models.

The cost of commercial refrigeration, Orland Park

There is a great expense associated with the purchase of equipment for commercial refrigeration. Binghamton, NY professionals usually do not deal with the financing aspect of this purchase, but they do work with lenders so that you can purchase what you need and make monthly installments. They will provide you with professional installation of the equipment though and ensure that you are familiar with its workings.

Types of commercial refrigeration
Binghamton, NY dealers sell

For businesses that need commercial refrigeration Binghamton, NY dealers have a wide variety of equipment for you to choose from. These include walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, combination walk –in coolers and freezers, those that have glass doors for the display and both walk-in and drive-in refrigeration panels. There are units available for use indoors and outdoors too. In addition, to the actual commercial units, you can purchase parts that you need, such as air defrost evaporators, condensing units and more and have the professionals carry out the installation for you.

Specifics about commercial refrigeration – Binghamton, NY dealers have all the info

Of course you need lighting in large units for commercial refrigeration. Binghamton, NY retailers of this type of commercial equipment have units that have lighting included – especially the walk-in units. There is an incandescent light fixture that is vapor-proof that can be mounted on the inside of the door frame. The glass is shatter proof and there is a pilot light and cover. The light bulbs are not supplied, though, You will have to purchase these separately. The door frame is heavy and has a gasket around the edges to seal in the cold. This gasket does tend to wear and need to be replaced, but the replacement process is not a very difficult task.

You don’t have to worry that the about the hardware on the doors of commercial refrigeration. Binghamton, NY businesses have been very pleased with their purchases and will tell you that the hinges on the doors have steel pins with nylon bushings. There are enough hinges on the doors to hold the weight so there is no danger of them coming off very easily. The latch can open the door very easily and there is a safety mechanism on the inside to prevent anyone from being accidentally trapped inside. If you need a floor for commercial refrigeration, Binghamton, NY companies can provide that as well. Call Fancher Appliance for more information.

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