Most wine buyers are familiar with the two basic types of wines which are white and red. However, Rose wines Hamptons stores sell have been gaining a large amount of popularity in recent years. If you are wondering what the difference is between white, red, and Rose, the differences are in the taste and flavors as well as in how the wines are made.

How are Rose wines made?

Rose wines Hamptons wine and liquor stores have for sale are made by a process that involves juicing red grapes and then letting the juice sit with the skins mixed in. The juice is left with the skins for a period of about two to three days which allows for the pinkish color to be created. After the juice begins to take on a lovely pinkish hue, the winemaker removes the skin and allows the juice to ferment. The result is a delicious Rose wine that is perfect for enjoying on warm nights.

Where do Rose wines come from?

Rose wines can be made anywhere in the world, however, the region that produces the largest number of Rose wines is Provence, France. Because of the size of the region, many different Rose wines are available in quite an array of different price points. Whether you are looking for the most expensive and deluxe bottle of Rose or you are satisfied with a simple, inexpensive bottle of Rose wines, Hamptons wine shops can provide just what you need.

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