Students in India have several options when considering a career in the field of medicine, and specifically in the clinical treatment of patients. Obtaining an MBBS seat in a private or government university in India can be extremely challenging, but there are options to consider that will still provide the option to complete an MBBS and PG abroad and return to work in the country.

The most obvious option is to apply to and be accepted for medical courses in the USA. Earning this type of degree and subsequent PG allows successful graduates to be able to apply as doctors throughout the world.

The Challenges for Indian Students in the USA

There are several challenges for students wishing to pursue medical courses in the USA. The first is to secure admission in a BSc College in USA and maintaining a GPA of more than 3.8 throughout their course while also preparing for the MCAT exam.

The second issue is the requirement of a 500 score on the MCAT, which is a challenge even for American students. This is very different from the NEET exam, which is standard in India for placement into MBBS programs.

Additionally, medical courses in the USA are based on the American education system, which is also different from the teaching and training that is familiar to students studying in India.

The Caribbean Alternative

Indian students have the option to apply to and complete their medical courses at Spartan Health Science University in St. Lucia. This is a highly reputable and accredited medical university that also offers ACGME Green Book clinical rotations at American teaching hospitals.

This combination allows students to complete their MBBS in the Caribbean, complete their PG in the USA, and have the training and experience to work anywhere in the world.

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