Business owners have to be aware of the people entering their office buildings. Professional buildings that have no reason for the public to enter on a regular basis should carefully control those they do allow in. That includes family members and former employees. Unfortunately people in both these categories can have angry feelings toward the company and it’s workers. Many companies share space in a building with other companies. It’s important for them to control access even if they don’t have an outside door.

A sturdy door with a strong lock is often the first Access Control Chicago system that a company installs. After several lost keys, they may decide to replace that system. It’s also necessary to change the lock after an employee leaves. In this economy, that can be quite often. Therefore companies upgrade their access system to an electronic keypad. Employees have to type in a code to enter the company. When an employee leaves, the office manager can simply change the access code.

Some companies opt to monitor which employees access restricted areas. This is easy when they secure their doors with electronic locks that respond to a magnetic strip on an employee’s identification badge. As the employee walks through certain areas, they are required to swipe their badges to gain entry. That leaves an electronic record of where everyone in the company goes in real time. It’s easy for the security team to identify which employee accessed records, products or confidential project information. Just having this system in place can reduce many security and theft issues.

Often these types of access controls are combined with security cameras. That allows a receptionist sitting in the lobby to see who is requesting entry before she unlocks the door. There is usually a speaker that allows her to ask the person’s name and why they need to enter. If it’s an employee’s angry ex-husband with a restraining order against him, she can easily contact the employee. They can contact the police together while they remain safe.

There is information available online for companies considering these options. Browse Site to learn more about the products and their installation process.