An auto accident lawyer in Macon, GA knows that when a motorcyclist is involved in a vehicle collision, the driver of the passenger car is usually at fault. However, sometimes the opposite happens and the motorcyclist causes a car crash, and the insurance adjusters may try to put the blame on the passenger car driver anyway.

Examples of Hazardous Behavior

The car driver may have reacted to a motorcycle that was darting in and out of traffic on the highway. The driver might have been trying to avoid striking the bike and swerved out of the way automatically, thus causing a collision with the car on that side. An auto accident lawyer in Macon, GA knows that improper lane changes by motorcyclists are one of the more common causes of collisions involving these bikes.

You may be thinking “I need an auto accident lawyer near me” if you were injured because of a motorcyclist’s behavior. Sometimes a motorcycle pulls out into traffic because the rider misjudges how close the cars are or how fast they are going. Several cars traveling at high speeds can be affected by this type of action.

Unsafe Conditions

Motorcycles sometimes are traveling in unsafe conditions due to damaged pavement or bad weather. That can become a dangerous situation for multiple car drivers when a rider loses control in rain or sleet, or hits a pothole. If the insurance company is not cooperating with your claim, you are probably thinking “I need an auto accident lawyer near me”. Representation is available from

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