Dirty electricity, also known as electrical noise, is defined as unusual spikes of power in the lines and the building’s wiring. It may be considered a form of electrical pollution that has possible negative implications for health as well as for the home’s electrical infrastructure. An electrician in Carmel can identify possible sources of dirty electricity in the home and take steps to eliminate them.

Old Wiring

A common source of electrical noise is old wiring that should be replaced. The wiring is overloaded with modern electronic equipment as well as more appliances than the home was originally intended to support. A house constructed in the 1960s or before that most assuredly did not have wiring installed to support enormous flat-screen TV sets, multiple computers, and microwave ovens.

Electrical Devices

Some energy-efficient products manipulate the current, so less electricity is used. This creates high-frequency voltage transients, one indication of dirty electricity. Plasma TV sets and high-efficiency refrigerators are just two examples. Dimmer switches also manipulate electricity to cause a higher-watt light bulb to only emit the brightness of a lower-watt bulb.

Researchers who have connected electrical noise with various health issues recommend moving most electronic items out of the bedroom, since a person spends so much time in there, often with the door closed. Some studies have connected dirty electricity with insomnia.

Power Lines

Dirty electricity also can enter the home through the power lines. One source is the manipulated current that sends electricity backward through the line from all the buildings in the area, where it can move into other homes.

Filters, Meters, and Upgrades

An electrician in Carmel can install filters to dramatically reduce high-frequency voltage transients and can also provide a meter that detects dirty electricity through the measurement of electromagnetic frequencies.

Even when a person is skeptical about whether electrical noise is harmful to health, it’s still important to have upgrades done to the wiring and other features. For instance, an electrician from a company like Burtner Electric can add outlets so the customers can stop using power strips and extension cords. Those devices allow people to overload wiring in one outlet, which can become a fire hazard.