Needing dialysis to help filter toxic levels of certain minerals out of your blood isn’t a death sentence. In fact, you may welcome the process needed to keep your body going and let you lead a longer life. However, you should understand a few differences between the different options for dialysis offered in Brick, NJ clinics.

Hemodialysis in Brick, NJ

Hemodialysis is the oldest form of dialysis. It’s also the most restrictive in terms of treatment because you can’t eat everything you would like to eat and you don’t have the freedom to go just about anywhere. Because you have to stay close to home to have your blood filtered through a dialysis machine every other day, traveling anywhere is off the table.

Peritoneal Dialysis in Brick NJ

Peritoneal dialysis Brick NJ patients say is the one they prefer. Instead of having to filter your blood constantly, a port in your abdomen allows for access to your peritoneal cavity. This cavity is where your intestines sit and are covered by the protective membrane known as the peritoneum. The cavity is filled with a dialysate fluid that attracts the elevated toxic minerals in your blood and filters them out another tube connected to the port in your abdomen. It’s less complicated and it allows you to eat a variety of foods. You can travel with this port and treatment option too.