An injury lawyer in Live Oak, FL represents people who were injured in retail store settings after the store owners or the insurer disputes the claim. They may say a slip-and-fall injury occurred, for example, because the customer was not being careful while walking through the store. They may even cite the person’s age as the main factor if the man or woman is elderly.

Not So Favorable

The old saying about the customer always being right is not so favorable to corporations when a customer makes an insurance claim regarding an injury that occurred at the property. Some stores and insurers are cooperative and pay a settlement that covers all expenses, while others deny the claim or offer a low settlement.

When Customers Cause the Incident

A store may dispute its responsibility if other customers were technically the cause of the incident. An injury lawyer in Live Oak, FL is familiar with cases in which hordes of customers charge through stores for deep discount sales, becoming almost violent as they shove people out of their way. Serious injuries and even fatalities have occurred in these situations when stores have not provided enough security personnel.

Stores and their insurers may blame other customers if someone ran an electric cart into another patron and caused an injury. They may claim they are not liable in this situation because an individual not associated with the store caused the accident, not any employees or defective equipment. Toppling items from an overhead shelf while trying to reach one of those products can also lead to a dispute if an injury results.

Criminal Activity on the Premises

Another situation when the store may dispute liability is when a customer is assaulted or mugged on the premises. An attorney such as Duane E. Thomas establishes reasons why the business did not make sure customers or employees were safe there. Inadequate lighting in the parking lot is an example. Surveillance cameras should be in place to deter would-be robbers from that behavior. People who need legal representation may visit the website to learn more about this particular attorney.

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