An injury lawyer in Tucson handles a broad range of cases in which people were seriously injured or killed in an accident. This is not the easiest job on an emotional level, as the attorney learns about many difficult and even tragic occurrences. However, representation by a licensed attorney is important for people who want to obtain deserved financial compensation to help them move on with their lives. What are some examples of cases a personal injury attorney might handle at any given time?

When Full Recovery Is Possible

Often, a person is seriously injured in a vehicle accident or a fall but goes on to a full recovery. This may take many months, but the individual is eventually able to return to work and continue to enjoy life fully. An injury lawyer in Tucson can be necessary for acquiring reasonable compensation, since the claimant cannot work for a long time and needs to pay bills.

Work-Related Injury

Workers’ compensation pays for medical expenses and lost wages after a work-related accident, but not everyone is covered by this kind of insurance. Contract workers doing temporary jobs at construction sites, for example, can be seriously hurt on the site. They may need a lawyer to approach the construction company’s insurer and ask for that type of compensation. It can be very difficult for a person without a legal background to effectively negotiate with insurers.

Fatal Accidents

The most troubling incidents can involve a fatality resulting from an accident. A drunk driver may cause a terrible collision and kill people in the other vehicle. Texting while driving has been verified as one of the biggest risk factors for causing collision, and some of those have been fatal.

A semi truck driver might doze off behind the wheel and hit a car ahead that has slowed to make a turn. Collisions with large trucks are some of the worst incidents on highways.

Family members of people killed in accidents have the right to demand compensation from those who were responsible or liable. They can receive assistance from a firm such as PRICE & PRICE Law.