Many veterans may be entitled to disability benefits. The main requirement is an injury or condition that occurred on active duty. In addition, active duty could have worsened a pre-existing condition. First, the veteran must prove a service connection with the injury. The government will want to see proof that the injury happened and medical documentation. Likewise, they need current medical evidence linking the disability to the military injury. Proving these things may not be easy. The military incident may not have been recorded. If that is the case, oral testimony may be used.

It takes patience to apply for VA Disability Benefits in United States. Decisions do not come quickly and the veteran can be denied. If this occurs, it is a good idea to hire a disability attorney. Visit their website and click here to get more info. The aggravated service injury may be easier to prove. Usually, pre-existing conditions are documented in military paperwork. If not, individuals need to provide other medical evidence of the condition. Further, there must be documentation of the military incident that aggravated the condition. On the other hand, some conditions are presumptive injuries. Affected individuals must have served at least 90 days. Medical records must reflect a diagnosis within what is called the “presumptive time period.” The time period is based on the condition. These cases usually involve people who were POWs for a certain time period. In addition, veterans with cancers caused by exposure to chemicals like, “agent orange,” are included.

People who are entitled to VA disability benefits in United States may be awarded more benefits. This occurs when a military-related disability causes another condition. One example would be a leg injury that causes back problems. Many veterans attempt to apply for disability based on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In order to prove PTSD, the applicant needs to give a statement about what caused the stress during service. Also, they must have been diagnosed with PTSD. In turn, a VA psychologist must verify that the incident was sufficient to cause PTSD. The stressor need not have happened during active duty for an applicant to receive benefits. Visit Jackson & MacNichol fore more information.