At one point in dental history, it was braces or nothing. As the technology advanced, orthodontists began to have more choices and combinations of choices. In fact, the orthodontist could now consider adults as clients. The invention of Invisalign saw to that.

Invisalign became the alternative to braces for many adults. A skilled Orthodontist in Vancouver, WA, is well aware of the benefits of using such appliances. In fact, at clinics of this nature in Vancouver, WA, the orthodontist has the ability to utilize a number of appliances to achieve the best results possible for the client. The products vary, but orthodontists are confident in their ability to choose the right options for their clients.

A Vancouver, WA Orthodontist and Removable Appliances

When someone mentions removable appliances, Invisalign automatically comes to mind. They are not, however, the only form of such technology. An orthodontist has a variety of options at their fingertips. Among the more common ones are:

*Aligners: These are used by adults to correct crooked teeth. They involve the use of several aligners over an extended period of time. They do not require metal wire or brackets to function. They are often removed when eating and brushing. Invisalign is a form of aligner.

*Headgear: Headgear has always been removable, although in earlier days, with greater difficulty.

*Bumpers: Lip and cheek are designed to prevent contact between the lips or cheeks and the teeth, therefore reducing any exerted and unnecessary pressure.

*Space Maintainers (Removable): These appliances are used for the same purpose as their counterpart – the fixed space maintainer.

*Palatal Expander: This is a plastic plate fitted over the roof of your mouth with the intent of widening your upper jaw’s arch.

*Splints: Also known as jaw repositioning appliances, they may be worn on either the bottom or top jaws. Their purpose is to help train the jaw to close in a better position.

*Retainers: Retainers are a common appliance, but now there are removable ones. They are used to prohibit thumb sucking as well as prevent the teeth from sliding back to their previous position.

Talk to an Orthodontist

If you want to correct your teeth or bite, talk to a professional such as the dentist at Today’s Dentistry serving Orchards Vancouver, WA, and surrounding areas. They can help you understand your options. They may suggest braces or recommend any of the currently available removable devices.