A little over 10 years ago, the word exterminator seemed to drop from almost every company and was replaced with words such as elimination, solutions and management. It seemed that no one wanted to be thought of a killer, even if the company was only killing pests and termites. However, most people don’t know if there is a difference between an exterminator and pest management company, of if they are the same.

In actuality, both terms are used for the eradication of pests in Fairfax VA. However, companies and consumers both feel that pest management sounds more positive.

Choosing Exterminators

Though the name has gone out of fashion for most companies, the rules still apply. If the company cannot remove unwanted pests from the home, they aren’t to be trusted or used. Therefore, it is important not to focus wholly on the name of the company, but rather what they do and how they do it.

Pest management professional in Fairfax VA have a lot more technology than ever before and they have specialized tools. For example, tenting used to be the only fully effective way of removing termites from the home and it caused a lot of headache for the homeowner. People had to remove all of their food from the refrigerator and freezer, move out of their house for upwards of a week, and remove all of their eating items. This included pots, pans, utensils, plates and bowls. However, a newer option is available that only targets the areas in which termites are found, so that people don’t have to move out or throw away a lot of food.

When considering exterminators in Fairfax VA, you will want to make sure the company is insured, bonded and licensed. Technicians should have a state certification and license and should carry them at all times. Therefore, when a technician arrives at your home to do an inspection, you should be able to ask for and see their credentials.

An inspection is likely the only way the company will know what the problem is and how to remove the pests. Many companies will ask you to describe the pest, but that shouldn’t be their only method of finding out the problem. After the home is inspected, the technician should be able to tell you what the pest is, what it can do, what services they will use and why they will use those services.

Exterminators in Fairfax VA may have better names that make them sound more positive and trustworthy, but it is still a good idea to check them out and then call Pest Management Services. You can also connect them on Facebook.