Structural welders create the framework of every building and structure you have ever encountered. Think you have what it takes to become one of these talented tradesmen? Read on to find out!

What Does a Structural Welder Do?

As mentioned previously, structural welders create the bones of buildings and other structures. They are the backbone of the construction industry! The typical duties of a welder include checking and preparing machinery for use, reading blueprints and assessing jobs, and conducting the welding that builds the next generation of Canada’s structures. Buffing, polishing, and otherwise finish the completed welding brings the project together. A trained welder understands each step of this process, its importance, and how to take instructions in-hand to create something spectacular.

Educational Requirements

Structural welding is a popular choice for those who want steady, reliable work, enjoy working with their hands, and are not interested in many years of education to achieve the position they want. There is no actual requirement for structural welding education overall, but most employers prefer that new hires have some form of formal welding training. Attending a trade school or technical college is more than adequate for satisfying these requirements.

Demand that Just Won’t Quit

One of the best things about choosing a job as a structural welder in Canada is that the demand is ever-present. Buildings are always being created or renovated. Commercial, residential, and business locations are always in need of the help of structural welding services, so you’ll always have the opportunity for employment. Plus, Calgary is home to some of the best-rated structural welding services to work for in all of North America.

Structural welders are far from one-trick ponies. Calgary structural welding services serve every kind of business, from residential and commercial to oilfield construction and pipe laying. They partner with businesses in many industries to create the future from the ground up!