Relocating to a different state is time consuming, challenging, stressful and expensive event. Still, customers can manage to save money by planning a clever strategy. Go through the tips mentioned in this article if you are planning to hire inter-state moving companies in Plano.


– The best way to find a good deal is to shop around for different moving companies. Compare the plans provided by self-service movers so that you can get the best price quotes. A few online websites let you compare their services, provide contact information so that you can resolve your queries and get an online quote.

– Clients must understand that most rental agencies are scams and they seldom provide pragmatic information on their web page or portfolio. Therefore, rather than just relying on the company and blindly believing their representatives, perform market research and verify this info from as many sources as possible.

– Make a list of all interstate moving companies in Plano that provide transportation via rail and road. Make sure that you choose only top 4-5 companies which provide excellent customer service.

– Decide the number of items you will transport and choose boxes of different sizes. Ask whether the company selected by you provides packaging materials and boxes. Accordingly, ask them to provide you a price quote.

– Make comparison charts for different companies.

– There are plenty of online blogs or sites that let you compare daily quotes. You can check prices for one-way transport and cyclic transportation. The price structure followed by the companies is different. If you choose to move more than 50 miles, prices for one way rentals will be cheaper.

– Check out the current mileage rate of the company and the amount of miles that are covered under their basic rental fare. Stay away from companies that offer low basic rentals because they may add hidden charges in the contract.

– If you require additional equipment like moving pads or tow dollies and personal vehicles for relocating small sized objects, you can ask the rental company to include them in your basic trucking package and provide you an upgraded quote for the same.

– Strictly avoid companies that ask for convenience fees because this type of cost classifies as hidden charges. Additionally, ensure that you include refueling cost while calculating the price quote. Most of the agencies mention that either the customers have to pay for the fuel or they have to get the tank refilled when the truck arrives at their stoppage. Hence, it would be better if you check fuel prices at petrol pumps falling in your route.

– Lastly, you should confirm whether your company provides insurance coverage and product warranty for inter-state transportation especially if the route is rough because there are greater chances of the objects getting damaged.

– Draw a written contract stating the costs, scheduled date, time and duration of delivery plus their shipping policies.

Consider all the possibilities and make comparisons accordingly. Stick to all these points and keep them in mind while hiring moving companies in Plano. If you follow necessary precautions, you won’t be cheated by scam transport agencies.