Not every car buyer in Philadelphia is in the market for a New Year model vehicle. Many buyers find pre-owned vehicles provide better pricing, low or no depreciation, and also lower insurance rates.

Buying used cars for sale Philadelphia from a dealership allows qualified buyers to easily finance their used vehicle and make low monthly payments. This is also a great option for those who own their vehicles, as you can pay off the vehicle in a shorter period of time, eliminating car payments while still driving a newer model vehicle.

However, shopping for used cars for sale is not without potential pitfalls and problems. To avoid these issues, there are three basic mistakes to avoid.

Mistake: Buying from a private seller or online auction

Buying anywhere but a dealership creates increased risk. The risk includes buying a vehicle that has significant mechanical, system, or structural issues that end up resulting in costly repairs to meet safety inspection program standards in Philadelphia.

Mistake: Not test driving the vehicle

It can be difficult to test drive vehicles offered by private owners or through some of the car lots that are found throughout the city. A dealership is willing to work with a serious buyer to take a used car for a short drive on the highway and not just restrict the test drive to low speed city traffic driving conditions.

Mistake: Not comparing your options

Shopping for used cars for sale at a dealership allows the buyer to try out different models of cars or SUVs from one manufacturer and even compare them to other makes and models on the lot.

This is not possible through private sales, and used car lots have a limited selection at best, making the car buying process difficult and time consuming.