Basements are often nothing more than wasted space. They don’t have to be, however. You can increase your home’s usable square footage—not to mention its appraised value with a well thought out remodeling project. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your basement remodeling in Minneapolis MN.

Make the space flexible. One of the most popular reasons for basement remodeling in Minneapolis MN is for entertaining purposes. Media rooms, wine cellars and wet bars are trending right now. When completing a remodeling project of any kind, however, the ultimate goal is to create a space that is flexible enough that it can meet the ever changing needs of a family. Instead of installing a wet bar, for instance, putting in a full kitchen is usually a better idea. Having a fridge, dishwasher and freestanding range in the space will not only make entertaining easier, but it also opens up possibilities for the future. You could rent the space out in the future as a basement apartment if you lose your job and need extra income. Or, if the health of an elderly family member declines to the point where they need additional care, you have a place where they can stay and still maintain some independence.

Don’t make the space too taste specific. There is no better place than the interior design of the basement to really express your personality. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, however, you don’t want to make personalize it too much as this can dissuade potential buyers. Instead of large built-in electric beer sign over the bar, you could instead install a beer light over the pool table. A smaller fixture will be much easier to swap out if necessary.

Brighten up the space. One of the primary drawbacks to spending a lot of time in a basement is that it is can be dark and dungeon-like. Replacing the small windows that were once standard in a basement with larger windows and excavating the window well out a bit will flood the space with natural light and make it more livable. If you are adding a bedroom suite during your basement remodeling in Minneapolis MN, you will most likely need to replace smaller windows with larger ones to meet building codes anyway.

Create storage space. People rarely complain that their home has too much storage. If you are remodeling your basement be sure to include as much storage space as you can. When you evaluate potential floor plans, look for areas that would otherwise be wasted space. Cabinets can be installed underneath a staircase or a small alcove could be walled off to conceal floor to ceiling adjustable shelving inside.