The word katana is most accurately used to refer to a traditional Japanese weapon with a design that included a specific length. The term is often associated with the well-known samurai of Japanese history and legend. According to tradition, the katana was more than two feet long, at a minimum. Today, you can purchase battle ready Katanas assisted knives from the leading online provider of quality swords, knives, and related products.

Three-Piece Sets

Today, it’s common for top suppliers to offer sets when a potential customer is seeking battle ready Katanas assisted knives. You can get an excellent sword of 28” length, in a set with two 6” knives. These sets are commonly offered with blades that have a red finish or a blue finish, making them ideal for those seeking a fantasy sword. Each item has a cord-wrapped handle and comes with a nylon sheath.

If you’d like to learn more about this fascinating category of weapon (and who wouldn’t like to?) view our website to browse through the massive inventory. Other sets include a samurai sword and the ultimate ninja weapon, an aluminum blow gun that’s integrated into the sword scabbard. The set includes 12 blow darts as well.

The Real Enthusiast

True blade enthusiasts might be interested in the collector’s club that brings an OTF blade of the finest quality to your door. OTF, of course, stands for out the front. These unique blades can be manually exposed, and some slide out, thanks to gravity. This separates them from switchblades, which are spring-powered and regulated by national laws.

This is a great way to make sure you get the newest and finest in a specific category. Whether you’re looking for battle ready Katanas assisted knives, a specific sword, or one of the many quality knives now available, this is your source.