If you’re seriously interested in beer brewing, or an aficionado of craft beers, you probably know the basic difference between ale and lager. That difference is in the way the liquid is fermented (top-fermenting yeast vs. bottom-fermenting yeast). Both are beers because they’re fermented from grain, but there’s another key difference: the temperature of fermentation.

A Bit of History

Most beers brewed and consumed in the 1700s and earlier (back to centuries BC) were ale. Lagers were first produced in the early 1800s in Bohemia, leading to massive growth in the brewing industry. The thousands of breweries in operation as the 20th century arrived were reduced in number to less than 200 after Prohibition. As the next century arrived, beer brewing has taken on a new image, since it’s no longer identified only with blue-collar working people.

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