Being Aware Of The Complications Of Gum Disease In Ontario

by | May 24, 2012 | Health And Fitness

Gum disease in Ontario and other parts of America can affect up to 80% of adults. The scary fact is that most people who have gum disease in Ontario will either ignore the symptoms, or be completely unaware that they have it. Although some individuals will think that the problem will disappear on its own, there are some risky complications attached to this periodontal disease. If not treated, gum inflammation can worsen and cause you pain and potential life-threatening illnesses. Understand what gum disease in Ontario can lead to, to ensure you do not deal with health dilemmas.

Gum Disease In Ontario – Gangrene

Gangrene is just one complication of gum disease in Ontario. This will only happen in the most serious cases of gum disease in Ontario, but the longer you go without seeing a dentist, the higher the possibility this could happen. If tissue is left to die and deteriorate for lengthy periods of time, the gums will waste away completely. Also known as ‘noma’ when linked with gum disease, gangrene normally targets the cheeks and lips. If you are malnourished or suffering from a weak immune system, you increase the risk of getting gangrene from gum disease in Ontario.

Gum Disease In Ontario – Gingivitis

Gingivitis or otherwise known as acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG) will be a complication linked with untreated gum disease in Ontario. If you leave gum disease in Ontario to become atrocious, ANUG will lead to gangrene, which can have devastating results. The outcome of gingivitis will be open sores and ulcers, loose teeth and gum erosion. ANUG is noticeable through bad breath (halitosis), receding gums and bleeding gums. If you at any point recognize these symptoms, especially when brushing the teeth, contact a dentist to investigate and provide treatment for gum disease in Ontario.

Gum Disease In Ontario – Abscesses

Every person will have a substantial amount of tissue that masks around the teeth for support and when gum disease in Ontario strikes, abscesses can form on this tissue. These recurrent abscesses will happen if you have failed to get attention for gum disease in Ontario. Often, abscesses will pus, leaving you with extremely sore areas of the mouth and an unsightly appearance. The periodontal ligament can also be impacted by abscesses and the jaw bone (alveolar bone) will be faced with major damages. The result of this could be tooth loss and a lack of gum coverage. This will then demand further treatments, such as bone grafting and ridge augmentation. Prevent this from happening by getting frequent examinations from a dentist for gum disease in Ontario.

Noticing blood when you brush your teeth is a crucial sign that you are dealing with gum disease in Ontario. Visit to organize treatment for this disease, as well as any tips on prevention for the future.

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