Benefits of an Employee Assistance Program

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Health Care

An employee assistance program, sometimes called an EAP, is a workplace wellness program that aims to improve employee performance by proactively assisting them in resolving personal difficulties. This service provides discreet, short-term assistance with a wide range of challenges, including financial, legal, physical, and mental health concerns.

Although EAPs are most commonly associated with mental health counseling, they may also assist your employees in several other ways, including eldercare, childcare, help purchasing a home, and more. Here is a quick look at just a few of the amazing benefits that an employee assistance program provides.

Increased Productivity

Employees become less motivated and inventive when they are distracted by personal issues. To cope, they may start taking more sick days. These absences, it goes without saying, can have major implications.

Productivity rises once a program is implemented, according to data collected over the years. These programs also cut sick leave utilization by 33%, lost time by 40%, and work-related accidents by 65%.

Positive Work Environment

Stress-related problems, including absenteeism, poor job performance, and health issues affect not just one individual but the whole workforce. Furthermore, if someone is under a lot of stress at work, they may become more defensive, argumentative, and less communicative.

An EAP offered by a company, such as ArmadaCare, may assist a problematic employee by offering assistance as well as a place to talk about their problems. Consequently, the employee’s stress levels are reduced, which has a favorable impact on coworkers.

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