Accommodation is one of the things that stresses a lot of students when joining campus, especially those moving away from home. There are numerous accommodation options, including hostels, college apartments, renting regular apartments, or student rental apartments off campus.

However, students gravitate towards student apartments near Towson University for the following benefits.

Campus proximity Living in student apartments is the best bet if you want to live near campus but were late to secure a place in on-campus apartments or hostels. Unlike regular apartments that can be far away from the school, student apartments are close to the campus, usually a walking distance away.

That allows you to attend your classes on time, participate in extracurricular activities, and utilize campus facilities.

Community and social opportunities Since many students are in the apartments, it offers a perfect opportunity for you to interact with your peers, creating a sense of community and friendship even with students from nearby institutions.

Amenities and facilities Most student apartments provide amenities like Wi-Fi and study rooms to make it easier for students to continue their studies even off campus. They also offer others like recreational areas, fitness centers, and common lounges to offer a well-rounded student life and an excellent work-life balance.

Security and safety Unlike other off-campus living options, student apartments near Towson University prioritize safety and security measures like security cameras, controlled access, on-site security staff, and strong, lockable windows and doors.

Cost-effectiveness Student apartments can be more affordable than other off-campus housing options or on campus hostels. It becomes even cheaper if you can share the apartment with a roommate.

Altus Towson Row is a new, high-quality organization offering affordable, safe, and reliable student apartments near Towson University, only a short walk from campus. Visit to view the available options and request a tour.