Filled with all of the beneficial terpenes, the finest CBD oil tincture in Southern New England is handcrafted from sustainably grown, local Rhode Island hemp. Hemp grown in Rhode Island’s beautiful Hope Valley not only benefits humans as CBD but also the environment.

Hemp tops the list as a renewable resource, not only producing the best CBD, but also fiber and biofuel. Family-owned, Hope Valley hemp farms also benefit the local Southern New England community. Hemp is a win-win both for individuals and the community at large.

All-natural CBD oil tincture from Southern New England is among the best natural pain relief alternatives. The cannabinoids in CBD oil interact naturally with the body’s nerve receptors, relieving pain without drugs. Not only that, natural CBD tinctures can help to relax the mind and emotions. But, it won’t get you high, or interfere with your ability to concentrate.

In addition to CBD oil tincture Southern New England also produces CBD topicals, edibles, and raw hemp flowers. Relaxing in a handcrafted, artisan CBD salt soak is among the best ways to not only ease away aches and pains but also elevate your mood. Skin-softening CBD massage oil put the finishing touch on this unique spa experience.

Natural, sustainably-grown hemp is not only a valuable tool for personal renewal, but it also renews the local environment. Hemp can be used to make not only CBD, but also fabrics, food, and biofuel. Finally, buying CBD products made in Southern New England helps to renew local communities.