Blue crabs are known for their unusual hue, and even better known for their delicious, sweet taste. Harvested from the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic waters, these crustaceans are revered on the East Coast; but that doesn’t mean you have to live near the ocean to enjoy them. You can buy them from your local grocery store, or even order them online and have them delivered right to your door. Here are two of the most popular (and tasty) blue crab recipes:

Crab Cakes

These are quick and easy to make and absolutely delicious with mustard sauce. The key to making good crab cakes is the quality of blue crab meat, seasoning and moist ingredients. Crab cakes can be dry and flaky if not done properly. Use seasonings like paprika and celery salt. You can also use other seasonings like tarragon, red pepper flakes and lemon juice to give them a unique flavor. Many people use flour to hold them together, but using saltine crackers or bread crumbs will give a nicer flavor overall.

Another secret to great crab cakes is to be gentle! When you’re mixing all the ingredients together, be careful not to break up the crab meat.

Crab Dip

Crab dip is a favorite for almost any occasion, from Super Bowl Sunday to your grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary party. To accompany the dip, buy a crusty round Italian loaf of bread, then cut out the center to make a bowl to put the dip in; then, break the cut out bread into pieces small enough for dipping. Again, using fresh ingredients like mayonnaise, scallions and a mix of seasonings like garlic powder and pepper will make this a favorite among all your guests.

There are dozens of blue crab recipes that you’ll want to try once you’ve mastered the basics. Steamed crab legs and crab soup are just a few dishes you can try. For more information, visit Harbour House Crabs.