Whether you suffer from chronic back pain or you’ve just pulled a muscle and are experiencing short-term pain, the Coastal spine and pain center can help get you back on your feet again. There are also a number of exercises you can do on your own or at the gym in order to alleviate pain and inflammation. These exercises may be a better alternative than harsh medication.

  • Stretching: This is probably the best thing you can do for your back. Avoid bouncing and ease into and out of the stretch. Never push yourself into challenging positions and if you feel pain, stop immediately.
  • Walking: You don’t have to power walk to get the full benefits of walking. Even a stroll around the block can help ease your tired muscles and reduce inflammation. Start slowly and try to go a little further each day. Again, don’t push yourself to the point that you’re in extreme pain or you pull a muscle. The goal is to ease back pain, not make it worse.
  • Swimming: This is one of the gentlest exercises because it doesn’t put any strain or stress on your body. Whether you take an aqua-fit class or just swim a few laps at the gym, your back will thank you.

These exercises are done best in comfortable clothing and shoes that support your feet (unless you’re swimming!) Always talk to your health care provider before attempting any of these exercises. They may have other suggestions or alternative moves that are specific to your condition.

Patients with back pain may find that it takes a few weeks of consistent exercise and movement to notice any marked improvement. This will depend on the nature of your pain, your age, your overall health and other factors. Remember that our bodies were meant to move every day. Find ways to increase your overall physical movements in order to be the best you can be.