Most dogs are trained not to bite, but because dogs are relatives of wolves and coyotes, there’s always an outside chance that a dog will randomly bite someone for an unknown reason. Whether you live in Mount Pleasant, IL, or just strolling down the street as a tourist, there should be ZERO reason for being bit by anyone’s dog. If you were bitten by a dog while minding your own business here, there are a few things that you should know, and do, next.

What You Should Know about Mount Prospect Dog Bite Laws

Regarding what you should know about Mount Prospect dog bite laws, you have a very short time to file a lawsuit. The mildest of dog bites often leave small marks that heal quickly, which is why the law stipulates that you only have a limited time to file. Major dog bite attacks have to follow the same rules, even if your wounds take months to heal and require surgery to repair the damages.

Make Sure You Have Proof

If you don’t have a witness, a police report, and/or a medical record, it didn’t happen. Otherwise, the Mount Prospect dog bite lawyer representing the owner of the dog can easily argue that you are not telling the truth. Your own Mount Prospect dog bite lawyer would not be able to prove that you are owed anything for the dog bite if there isn’t a witness or proof.

If you have recently been bitten, contact Claim Your Justice for more information.