If boats are your business or you own an impressive vessel, you soon could be in the market for boat trailers for sale. You may go to several different sources for your trailer needs, but HOSTAR Marine gives you benefits that you simply cannot find at most other sources. Here are some excellent reasons to check us out today.

We Are the Manufacturer

Some companies are dealers or distributors offering boat trailers for sale, and they get their equipment from the manufacturer. There are many fine companies in the business of selling boats, but they don’t actually make the boats or trailers. Why is this an important issue?

When you go to HOSTAR Marine, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. This gives you some of the most affordable prices. Dealers must mark up their prices in order to make a living. You eliminate the middleman when you choose us, and this means you also eliminate the price markup.


Because we manufacture your trailer, you receive some of the finest features possible. For instance, go to the website and check out one of their units. You can look at the specs, images, and options. Choose the options that you want and need. Here are just a few of the options available with their GS3000 Road Gold Star Series:

 * Mast mounted air compressor

 * Extended frame

 * Fixed or hydraulic gooseneck (fifth wheel)

 * Remote control

 * Wireless remote control

 * Many more selections

Built-in Quality

All of their boat trailers for sale have quality built-in to every feature. For instance, we seal and pressure test all painted frames and all of our electric, air, and hydraulic lines are completely enclosed for maximum protection.